WAMSOFT Non-GMO Dried Mealworms,5LB


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Flavor Seafood, Chicken
Age Range Description Adult
Target Species Bird,Fish,Hamster,Hedgehog,Reptile
Item Form Dry
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About this item

  • Our mealworms is 100% natural and our chicken feed are well monitored for cereals, vegetables and cereals. These sources will never mix with animal material. We demand the most stringent quality standards and our worms never eat any GMOs.
  • Our worms are large in size, and larger yellow mealworms have higher nutrients and can provide better for your chicken, beard dragon, blue bird, sparrow, Robbins, budgie, tortoise, hedgehog, hamster. Nutritional support
  • Our chicken food is no water and easy storage . We dry the live worms into dried mealworms by drying technology. During the period, the worm will not lose nutrients and will be sealed in a zipper bag to keep them fresh. Thanks to the dry and anhydrous process, you can store up to 12 months of chicken in a cool, dry space without refrigeration.
  • High protein content – Hens need a lot of protein to lay eggs and produce new feathers during molting. Our whitefly is a great way to increase your animal’s protein intake!
  • We offer a variety of tasty worms for your choice of 5LB, 11LB, 22LB, 33LB,44LB. If you are not satisfied with our products, don’t worry, we offer a 100% money back guarantee


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